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grrlsquirrel's Journal

The Future Mrs. Buzzy Notasquirrel

Ime aboute toe feete talle, withe a bushee taile ann blak ize. I hav graee furr withe jest a hinte ov redd inn ite.

I liv alon, taike longe walkes inn thee parke, ann cann usulee bee founde inn mie labe workinge onn sumthinge. *facewash* Yewd bee surprizde wut yew kin dew iffe yew putte yoar minde toe itte. *chitter* I stille havint founde a wai toe turne akornz intoe kashewz, thoe.
animal planet, buzzy, chip and dale, chipmunks, climbing houses, climbing trees, gathering nuts, kiss the squirrels, mad science, nice sunny days, one pinecone hill, rocky and bullwinkle, slappy squirrel, sleeping, squirrel and the city, squirrel idol, squirrel-fu, zombies